friday || 9.8.17


I'm starting this post very simply by saying it's been a pleasant week and I am thankful for it.

The weekend lies ahead now and I am so glad it does.

Today holds a Home Goods stop, therapy for my Little, a phone chat with my bestie, bratwursts on the grill, the US Open men's semifinals, and watching the weekend roll in with my dearest people. I'm thoroughly content with today already.

~ A few of my favorite things this week ~

1. The P.F. Candle Co. My sweet friend, Julia, sent me a candle from them a couple years ago, an apple orchard scent which was so ideal for fall. I love the simplicity of their design, too.....vintage classic, I think. They have a spiced pumpkin scent now which I am eager to order a case of. This orange cardomom scent intrigues me, too, so perhaps I'll give it a try.

sitting in our sunroom with the fall breeze blowing through while catching up with a dear friend.

pulling on my slippers and a sweater in the morning because of the chill in the air.

2. Ruth Chou Simmons new book, gracelaced. What a work of art. Just seeing the Amazon images of the pages with passages of Scripture painted by her ~ it's stunning.

our "new" dresser, thanks to my sweet man's hardwork. another step toward our bedroom haven!

planning the women's retreat at our church alongside such wise, thoughtful, creative souls.

3. I've shared before what a gift Christy Nockels' music has been to my heart for years now. Her newest single, Build My Life, has been my daily song as of late. And I was so excited when I saw her share about her new album, Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved, that is being released later this month. I can't wait to have those songs arrive on my doorstep. 

all the plans that AK is making for when her baby brother arrives. be still my heart.

anticipating our little family getaway next week.

4. I spotted this chair while browsing through Target's furniture online. I'm searching for a chair to go in the corner by my side of our bed and the size of this one would be perfect. I feel in love with the color, particularly when I read the name: Delight Seaglass. It makes me think of my sweet mama and her precious collection of seaglass from the Maine coast. This "seaglass" chair would be a perfect bit of color against the light gray walls we will have soon.

reflux medicine and tylenol -- sweet pregnancy helpers.

my little Target dollar aisle "thankful" sign that I picked up the other day. it's just sweet.

5. My sweet friend, Darby, found this doormat on West Elm for me after I had posted about needing to find this perfect doormat I had spied on Pinterest. I got the link from Darby when I was chatting with my mother-in-love the other day and mentioned it to her and how excited I was that it had been discovered. So a couple evenings ago UPS delivered a happy package to me that contained this very mat, from my most thoughtful Momma Coobs! It is the most suitable fall and winter doormat I have ever come across and I can't wait to cozy up our front stoop with mums and pumpkins to compliment that welcoming phrase! 

How has your first full week of September been, lovelies? What are some of your favorite things this week??

I hope you all have the happiest Friday and the most refreshing weekend!


seasons || an autumn mood board

It's September 1st today. 

Every year when August comes my mind starts jumping forwards a bit --- fall is coming, fall is coming. I start dreaming of pumpkins, of mums on our doorstep, of gray days and crisp air, of sweaters and plaid scarves, of stews that cook all day and warm homemade bread, of evenings spent wrapped up in a blanket with a cuppa tea and a book. I get lost in fall; it's dreamy and cozy, inspiring and comforting. I feel an extra excitement to go adventure and, at the same time, a strong desire to be at home. 

My adoration of fall was deeply instilled in me by my darling mother and by the incomparable Anne Shirley. My mother's love for hot tea and Scottish scones, for rainy fall afternoons and a classic black and white movie, for crunching leaves and long walks -- she taught me to enjoy the very best parts of the season, the little things, the things that make it most wonderful. And Anne Shirley showed me how invigorating the chill in the air is, how the season rekindles a love for learning, and how very delicious the autumn scents are.

There's so much that is dear about the season of fall. It's pure loveliness. I'm so eager to fill up these next weeks with pumpkin and apple scented candles and baked goods, with finding the perfect pumpkin to carve with AK, with long walks in the quiet neighborhood across the street, with football games and cable knit sweaters. This season holds some of my most beloved memories and some of my favorite days to celebrate. I'm feeling that special autumnal thrill inside today, my friends, and I love it.

September, I'm so very glad you've arrived. 

images via tumblr, flickr, & pinterest (1,2,3,4,5)