fashion || the best kind of pants

These pants found their way into my closet last week. Whoever decided to marry fashion and the comfort of lounge pants gets two thumbs up from me. These pants are ridiculously comfortable, y'all. And they have pockets. I mean, what more do you really need in a pair of pants? I opted for a calmer pattern than some of the others that are out there. I've seen girls wearing some more "woohoo!" type patterns and some look adorable! I, however, look like I blew up in a fabric store in the 70s, so I think it's better for everyone if I just opt away from them. Plus, it's just really hard to steer my classic heart away from a black/white combo. 

I think patterned pants are so much more versatile than they might appear on first glance. I've seen them worn in several different, and equally adorable, ways. You can go casual with a tee and a pair of sandals, you can dress it up a bit more with a pretty camisole/sweater or jacket combo with wedges, or you can mix your patterns and throw on a striped shirt with it. You can do just do whatever your lounge-pant-comfy-pants-loving little heart desires. 

Here's a few of my suggestions.......

|| The Tops || 

1. Racerback Camisole in Bright Azurite -- JCrew Factory

2. Linen Lace Tee in White -- JCrew Factory

3. Printed Drapey Sleeveless Top in Warm Charcoal -- JCrew Factory

4. Layering V-Neck Tee in Vivid Spearmint -- JCrew Factory

5. Side-Slit Tunic in Burnished Coral -- JCrew Factory

6. These Are The Days Collector Tee -- JCrew Factory


|| The Shoes || 

1. Wedges from Nordstrom Rack -- these must have sold out already. Some other options -- (1) (2) (3)

2. Jane Heels in Cognac -- Target

3. Ainsley Knot Thong Sandals in Black -- Target

4. Boardwalk Sandals in Burnt Sienna -- JCrew Factory

5. Lakitia Embellished Sandals in Glitter -- JCrew Factory

6. Shauna Huarache Sandals in Cognac -- Target

Happy Shopping, my friends!



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shopping || a loft sale

Today is the final day of the LOFT Friends & Family Sale -- 40% off of everything! 

A few of my favorite finds......

-- Striped Linen Flutter Shell Top -- I heart my stripes

-- Linen Open Cardigan -- looks like the softest cardigan ever

-- Banded Sandals -- several good colors

-- Lou & Grey Anorak Vest -- something I've been eyeing

-- Lou & Grey Seamed Tank Dress -- something to wear every single day

Happy Shopping, lovelies! Let me know your favorite finds, too. :)