when the dresser is the wrong color

So we went to IKEA this past Saturday to finally purchase the long anticipated dresser for AK's "big girl" room. Yes, it's a piece of furniture, but this is the first time we've had an actual dresser in AK's room. Until now we've been using a bit more creative storage, which worked pretty well, but was definitely not ideal with for her growing self. So was I borderline embarrassingly excited about this dresser? Absolutely. 

We emmerged from IKEA, successful. Family fist bumps were shared as we wheeled our purchase out of the store, with a couple extra finds and an  ice cream cone in hand. We had our dresser. 

Sunday afternoon J opened the boxes and project dresser was underway. However, as he flipped the lid back and the pieces of the dresser were exposed, my worst "dresser fear" was realized. I was not looking at a white dresser. It was off-white, there was no doubt about it. When I carried a piece back to hold it up against AK's  white bed, it was confirmed. Instead of having a white bed and a white dresser, we were going to have a white bed and a dresser that was going to look like it had a bad white paint job next to said white bed. 

I shall not lie to you, friends. Tears were shed. It had been a long week, I had carefully shopped for the right dresser for months, we had spent decent $, and had driven 4 hours total to pick it up. Plus, I realized that I had to missed something online and, thus, the seeds were planted for dresser catastrophe. I felt like such a dummy. Suffice it to say, I didn't have the greatest reaction.

Oh, the ways we are grown. The Lord uses so many things, doesn't He? 

I mean, it's a dresser. Not a real life-altering issue. Sure it is frustrating when something like that happens, but at the end of the day, in right perspective, the color of my kids dresser doesn't exactly matter. And, hey, we live in a world with Home Depots where you can go and figure out a solution to make your dresser change from off-white to the very white you were looking for. Ahhh, paint, you little miracle worker, you. Would I rather have been able to buy a dresser, set it up, and say, "completion?" Sure, I would have. That's not what happened though and, yet, we have a solution, thanks to my patient, practical, and loving husband. 

I'm praying I grow to find the humor in times like these. To say to myself, "it is a dresser. It has absolutely no eternal significance." To take a deep breath, chill, and think. To come up with a solution, be wise and practical, and make the best out of each situation. I'm sure there will be more tears in the future, and that's okay. However, in those moments of disappointment and frustration, I pray that my heart will be more eager to choose gratitude and joy than anger and self-pity. 

It's amazing what you can learn because of a dresser.