friday || 1.6.17

Don't you love how each week ends with Friday? And then we have the pleasure of looking forward to those two darling days that are Saturday and Sunday. The Lord was awfully kind to create rest into the mix of our week, don't you think?

Do you all have grand plans this weekend? If you follow me on social media you would have seen that we enjoyed a day full of snow falling yesterday, and we relished every part of it. My heart flutters at the sight of those dainty bits of white falling from the sky, not only because I love its beauty and the stillness it brings with it, but because when it snows we go into full cozy mode: baking, candles lit, books stacked up, old movies gracing our tv screen. And the happiness that oozes out of every part of my child's being when it begins snowing could make the worst day turn on its head. Snow days are beloved in the Coobs home.

........So a few of my favorite things this week..........

Madewell still has an extra 30% sale items right now. Do you know how hard it is for me to not buy ALL the things!? I'm kind of loving this cape scarf and I love the blue in this flannel buffalo check. Several scarves are amongst the sale items, too, like this rangeplaid -- I love the deeper tones.

"If the prosperity gospel offered us all the things, the Instagram gospel offers us all the feels." Jen Wilkin wrote a post, "Beware the Instagram Bible in 2017" on the Gospel Coalition blog this week and it was such a good challenge for my heart. Love that woman's writing.

Two new recipes that I want to try, that seem like they'd be awfully cozy: tomato artichoke lentil stew and roasted shrimp and tomatoes with creamy polenta. I like that couple who cooks.

Did you know that You've Got Mail is the third movie to be based off that storyline?? This particular "series"is one of my favorites: The Shop Around the Corner. In the Good Old Summertime. and You've Got Mail. Stack them up for these wintry days. You'll be delighted.

This ceramic creamer & sugar set from Laine & Layne, and it's on sale right now!

The Civil Wars record is going to be one of our next vinyl purchases. I think their sound is perfect for a record player and their mood is one of my favorites for chilly January days. 

AK received the book, 50 States. from her Nomie and Papa for Christmas and I am so very excited about reading through it with her as we study the states in school this semester. The illustrations are delightful and all the little facts about each state are such fun to learn. I just discovered that there is actually an activity book to go with it, but we are going to color a big map of the states -- that I picked up for $3 in the Target $1 spot! -- as our "companion" to the reading.

My Julie friend, whose creativity and wisdom often inspires things that I share with you, gave me the idea to try out baked eggs. So we did this last weekend and were quite happy with the result. I went off this Jamie Oliver recipe for the oven temp and time, and I made one dish with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese and another with chives and mushrooms. They were both quite tasty, though the tomatoes and goat cheese took it for me. Baked eggs must find a place on your "to make" list. Thank you, sweet Julie, my culinary kindred spirit! 

I've shared these journals from Val Marie Paper before, but they are worth sharing again, especially as it is a brand new year! The undated prayer journal (I have the beige color) is what I use all the time -- I love the simplicity of it and the thought that has obviously gone into it. There are several more journals to choose from, such as the gratitude journal, the adoption and pregnancy prayer journals, and now there is a yearly prayer journal that is just lovely. (They are sold out of the yearly prayer journal at this point, but I still wanted you to see it). These journals are perfect little companions and they make such sweet gifts, as well!

......more favorite things to come next week!

We are looking forward to another cozy evening at home tonight, with another fire perhaps, accompanied by homemade marinara and pasta, our stacks of books, and quite possibly finishing an episode of American Ninja Warrior because it is our AK's favorite show......completely unexpected and rather adorable.

Happy Friday, lovelies!