friday || 1.13.17

Happy Friday, dolls! 

It's been such a good week. One of those weeks where you just feel like each layer is sweeter than the last and you just stand back, your chest a bit tight with emotion as watch the next piece of kindness fall into your lap. I've been letting myself sit in the grateful emotions of it all, slowly beginning to mull over each piece. When they are satisfactorily stored up and I'm able to word them as I would like, I will share them with you.

Did each of you have a pleasant week? Was it an in-between kind of week or just a plain hard one? You have a listening ear here, always, if you ever need to share.

So a few of my favorite things this week............

Hope Heals is on my list of must reads, and soon. I heard an interview with Katherine Wolf and her JOY just radiated through my headphones. Her words were authentic and so full of life and truth. She loves her Jesus and it's beautiful.

We tried Butter Chicken this week and it was delicious. It's a warm dish, with the cinnamon and the garam masala and the paprika, it just makes your insides feel all cozy. It's perfect for relaxed winter nights.

The rain this week. It's needed and it's cozy.

I've been lighting my mini capri candle from Anthropologie most every day this week. The glass is so lovely when it's lit up and it legitimately makes your home sniff like Anthro. I will be purchasing the next step up very soon.

Re-instating "quiet time" in our home. The pup goes to nap in her crate and the kiddo goes to imagine and create in her room and mama gets a little quiet. AK's over-stimulation struggles are helped greatly by this and my energy/capacity levels are all sorts of reinvigorated.

All my gray, extra comfy cardis have bit the dust, so this knit cardigan from Gap caught my eye.

A happy thing that the internet brings ~ sweet sweet friendships who I wouldn't know otherwise.

These white trainers on my Little. I can't even.

And these adidas sneakers. Cute kicks for a casual type day.

My 2017 planner. I would remember nothing without it.

A subscription to the Magnolia Journal. I got their first one before Thanksgiving and it was lovely, as everything else is that they touch. I'm so ready to dive into their book, too!

Evenings with no place to be but home, all together.

I'm hunting for a good milk frother/steamer and came across this Epica version that's a best-seller on Amazon. This one from Breville looks lovely, as well, but I do prefer the price-tag of the Epica. I welcome input!

This week I have seen posts shared of both painful, heartbreaking loss, and of answered prayers and pure joy. I have been brought to tears many times, both as I've felt my heart ache with those who are hurting in such tender ways, and my heart rejoice with those who are celebrating. In it all, it makes me so thankful for community. For community that we are able to have alongside us to hold us up when we feel we can barely stand, to bear our burdens and lift us up in prayer, and just sit with us when talking is too difficult. For community to cheer with us at happy news, to do the happy dances with us, to cry the tears of joy, and to share the pieces of cake with. We weren't made to walk alone, and in every single season of my life, whether it lasts 2 weeks or 4 years, my gratitude for community, my love for people, my treasuring of my tribe has only increased. I pray it never stops.

Lovelies, I hope that you have the happiest of Fridays.