home design || little' gallery wall

               photo credit: pinterest via:  1.   2.   3.

               photo credit: pinterest via: 1. 2. 3.

 Piece by piece AK's room is coming together. I've learned to slow myself down and better consider the options and form a plan of attack so I more wisely use our funds and I don't end up with something I'm not pleased with. I much prefer the result that ends in a few giddy jumps up and down than the result that ends in "I guess that will work." Thus, the process of planning out her gallery wall. 

I know I want to stick with white frames, but I want to break it up a bit with a few different options: a wooden sign, art or pictures hung up with little clips or washi tape, a mirror, or some initial letters. 

I am eager to frame some pictures of ak and our sweet nephews, of ak and her other little buddies, and of the moments of ak in our everyday. I'd love to write up a sweet quote for her in one of those frames, as well.

 I'm also giddy to get some prints hung up. Little calls Where You Lead "our song" -- melt me -- so I believe it's a must that we have some sort of ode to Stars Hollow up on the wall. Then as I was toodling around the Rifle Paper Co website my eyes fell on this Kentucky Derby print -- totes adorbs, people. J and I agree this is just too perfect to not demand a spot on our Little Louisvillian's gallery wall. 

It's so happy to see little pieces of home continue to come together. Though we still are in an apartment I realized a while ago that that doesn't mean I can't treat this as the home it is for us. I  can and I should! This is our home -- our sweet home that's bursting at the seams with memories and growth and everyday pieces of beauty. Our home to be fully lived in for however long we occupy its rooms. And though there are things about it that springboard battles of discontent I adore our little home and all the sanctifying of me and us that the Lord has worked in it.

 There are furniture pieces and other tidbits that will be on hold until the day our home goes from apartment to house, but we have been loving making changes that can easily move with us and that make it more our own space. And making Little's room into her sweet, bright spot has been my favorite of all so far.