Welcome to my little space. I do so love that you’re here. 

A few bits about me….

…..I've no doubt that fresh flowers and candles can brighten any room. I live by the rule that an ever-increasing amount of books on our shelves is a necessity. I get way to attached to fictional characters. I have an intense love for cake and tacos. My style is rather classic, preferring the blacks and greys and blues. Rainy days are my favorite. I miss the open skies of the west. My kitchen is my happy place and Julia Child my cooking heroine. In our home we always appreciate a well-timed movie quote. On a scale of 1 to Lorelai Gilmore my coffee intake is the latter. The ocean refreshes me in the best way. I do not like celery. Anything remotely happy or sad makes me teary. I want to be Joanna Gaines when I grow up. I'm a firm believer that there’s nothing some good bread and cheese can’t cure. The creativity of others inspires me. We want to live on acreage one day. Lovely and cozy are the best words in the english language. I adore all things autumn. I have a yen for traveling but am an absolute homebody.

11 years ago I moved from the wide open sky, lonestar state of my upbringing to the state of bluegrass and horses. A couple days into the start of my first college semester I saw him; the handsome, blue-eyed senior who was known campus-wide as “Coobs” and who, I was sure, had the beautiful senior girlfriend and firm post-graduation plans. A few weeks after that initial “wow” moment we met in a parking lot, on his birthday, and his smile made me go all twisty inside. Our mutual friends introduced us (forever grateful to them) and I had a full-on “you had me at hello” type moment. Thankfully, the feeling was mutual.

He is the thoughtful and the gentle. The discerning and the practical. What I’ve learned from him and what I love about him could fill page upon page. We are coffee-fueled dreamers and homebodies together and the fact that I get to spend the rest of my everydays with him can only be described as grace.

We up-d our number from two to three when our sweet September babe was born 7 years ago. Our Anna Kate is the beautiful fire in our household. That quote: “let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains” was surely written for her. She is as much like us as she is a pure opposite of us. Her 7 years of life have held the sweetest joys and the most intense challenges. The Lord has taught us more about our need for Him and our utter dependence on Him through her life than just about anything else. She is our profound thinker and deep feeler, full of tenderness, compassion, passion, and imagination, and my faithful companion.

A few years into Anna Kate’s life the Lord decided to take us down a different path than we anticipated as we began a journey of 4 years of infertility. I’ve shared much about that season here on my blog. There were countless days marked by deep pain and grief as we came to grips with the idea that AK might never have the sibling she longingly asked for. Those days also stand as a bookmark in my life as to when I came to know a trust and rest in the goodness, the grace, and the unending love of our Heavenly Father that I had never known before. That season bonded us more deeply as a family of three and I praise God that I can say I truly learned to be thankful for it before we had any idea what was ahead.

Last summer we shed the most shocked and grateful tears when we discovered that God had surprised us with our second little one. Enter more shocked and grateful tears when we went to our first doctors appointment and realized that I was 17.5 weeks along and we could be told that we were having a BOY! December 22, 2017, our little miracle man, Jackson David, entered the world and the three of us were completely smitten. The moment of introducing AK to Jack will forever sit as one of the most beautiful moments J and I have ever been given. Our Jack is joyful and darling, flashes the best smiles with the most perfect dimples, has his mama’s eyes, his daddy’s sense of humor, and is firm in his conviction that his big sister hung the moon.

Our days are full of the beautiful ordinary and here, in this space, I like to share pieces of them — the food we make, the books we read, the adventures we take, the things we heart-grow through, the hard, the sweet…..all the pieces we are so grateful for.

Most of all, I desire to use this space to make much of my Savior and His gospel of grace, by which he saved me. May every piece here be firmly founded on Him