friday chats

Hello, lovelies, and happiest of Fridays to you all!

I’ve loved this short week! Holiday weeks always give extra pieces of wonderful because it makes the work week shorter and our favorite guy gets days off more quickly!


We’ve also been having a happy week because we’ve had Auntie Bear in town. Auntie Bear (Bear is her family nickname) is J’s older sister and oh, she is loved in this household! She and AK have a particularly sweet bond and AK had been counting down the days until her arrival from about the beginning of December. We’ve had a lovely week, in it’s sweet simplicity. Walks, trampoline jumps, movies and books, dance parties and snuggles, good food, many conversations, and ushering in the new year with sparkling apple cider and buffalo wings. Bear has been so thoughtful in her help to me, too, as she’s done many dishes, helped me cook and clean, and just poured out auntie love on the kids. Thankful for days like these with our Bear.


To top off all this goodness my sweet man took today off so that we could have another day all together while Bear is in town AND he’s taking Monday off, too, as an extra family day before my birthday next weekend and before his next MBA class begins a few days later! Gosh, I love that man.

I do hope you’ve all had beautiful weeks ringing in the new year. Are you midnight people or there’s-absolutely-no-way-I-could-make-it people?

Now, onto MY FAVORITE THINGS from this week.

  • Our dear friends, the Noels, sent us such a thoughtful Christmas package and my gift was this beautiful Determination Cement Necklace from a collaboration that Liz did with Wells Cooperative. I’ve mentioned before about Liz founding the Dream Retreat with two of her good friends and any piece of the Dream Collection from Wells Cooperative gives back to the retreat. I love that! The pieces are lovely and so meaningful. I’ve asked for the Precious Gift White Agate Necklace for my birthday. I’ve seen it on Liz and it’s the perfect piece to wear everyday. I’m so proud of my friend!

  • My parents gifted AK Connect Four as part of her Christmas this year and we’ve had so much fun playing it with her. She’s become quite good at it, too! Sometimes I forget about introducing AK to the games J and I played growing up, so I was so glad to have this reminder of how something so simple as connecting 4 plastic circles could make for such good family time.

  • I chose several gluten and dairy free recipes to make for dinner while Bear is here because that’s the way she tries to eat on a regular basis. My brother and sis-in-love in TX also eat that way so Megan is a wealth of good recipes in that way! Megan had recently sent me a Pinterest board of some Whole30 recipes that they had tried and liked so I peeked at these as I was menu-planning for Bear’s visit. A couple nights ago I made these lettuce wraps and they were delicious! I substituted back in soy sauce because that was okay for us to use and I left out the water chestnuts because I do. not. like. them, but this recipe got a hearty “yay!” from all of us!

  • My parents also gifted the kids Ellie Holcomb’s new album, Sing: Creation Songs, for Christmas. It’s one I’ve been eager to try so we were so excited about it. It is excellent! So joyful, so fun, so full of good truth to fill our little’s ears. Several of the songs are absolutely dance-worthy, too. #5 is particularly happy and AK asks to repeat it at least 4 times in a row every time. I’m so thankful for good music like this. If you’ve never listened to Ellie Holcomb before you really ought try her Red Sea Road album, too. It is JUST SO GOOD.

  • This dusty pink short sleeve hoodie was a Christmas from my dad and I’ve been loving it! It’s so comfy and cozy, the shade of pink is perfect, and it’s a great length to wear with leggings. The Everyday & Company Shop is a new favorite of mine. I’m not spending shopping money right now (more to come on this later) but I’m keeping my little list going of some lovely staples to add to my closet.

  • We just watched Christopher Robin last night and, oh friends, I couldn’t have loved it more. It was every bit as sweet and comfortable and dear as you’d expect anything with Pooh Bear to ever be. I most definitely want to add this one to our family collection to watch for all the years to come. It was simply happy.

Any new favorite finds or moments this week you’d care to share?
I do hope you all have a beautiful Friday!

Happy Weekending, lovelies!