friday || 8.25.17


Hello lovelies!

This Friday, oh this glorious Friday. It is cool outside, with dry air, and some puffy white clouds floating across the blue sky. There are no more 90's in our forecast, there's a crispness to the air, the breeze has begun to carry that autumnal scent.....fall is fully on the horizon. My favorite time of year is beginning and I'm so happy.

We've chosen this weekend to officially begin our fall as the weather has changed and as I cannot wait any longer. Tonight I'm cooking our first fall meal, roasted tomato soup and grilled cheese, I'm picking up some Oktoberfest for J, and we are going for an evening family walk.

I'm so glad I am going to be pregnant during fall. Little man has just brought so much joy already and the fact that we get to plan and prepare and dream of meeting him all throughout my most beloved season has just upped the joy in a special way. J has begun sanding AK's crib to become baby boy's, we are picking out a paint color for his nursery, and AK and I found an adorable hoodie on clearance for him this week, so our days just continue to be dotted with such sweet moments. Hearts spilling over with gratitude in our home.

Have you all had a happy week? Are your preparing for fall, my friends? 

-- A few of my favorite things from this week --

1. I shared about Promptly Journals on my Insta-stories this week when baby boy's journal arrived in the mail, but I must share them here, too. I've journaled for AK on and off over the years and every year I write her a birthday letter, so to have this beautiful journal where I can continue to do that for both my sweet kids (ohhhhh happiness) is so sweet to me. You can see the thought that was poured into every page of these journals. They are so well made, not outrageously priced, and the colors are perfect. They have adoption journals in their shop, as well, which makes me love them all the more. The most precious kind of keepsakes.

Having paint color swatches taped to the bedroom walls. I'm so excited about all our home projects!

That my child has inherited my crushed ice fettish. She asked the other day what I'll be able to eat when I go to the hospital to have baby brother and I told her, "not much, but I get to have a lot of crushed ice." Her eyes got huge and the biggest smile came across her face, "really!? can I share some with you!?" Always, little girl.

2. Bannor Toys has darling wooden toys, teethers, and rattles. A few have made their way onto our BabyList registry. Daddy chose the set of 3 Jalopies for his little man. I can't wait to hear him teaching baby boy car noises.

The way AK mouths the words to songs with full-on expressions and closed eyes. 

3. With baby boy coming in wintertime I've been eyeing all things cozy for him, which is my favorite. Things such as these cozy fold-over moccasins, this stripe button sweater, and this knitted play set. I cannot wait for wintertime snuggles with him and showing him all the delights that come with the word "cozy."

That my husband gets to work from home several days a week. The house is just better when he's in it.

4. We are planning on buying two of these Hemnes 3-drawer chests from IKEA for AK's room and baby's room. Their bedrooms are not big so this dresser is a perfect size and will double as our changing table for baby, too. 

Notebooks and file folders and new books arriving in the mail.

Getting up before the sun. I'm not to the point of jumping out of bed at that time yet, but I love the quiet stillness it brings.

5. This baby boy pullover. I love when I find things for our son that look just like something J would wear. Our mini man. We are very eager to dress him.

Dark chocolate mint creams from Trader Joe's. I thank my friend, Autumn, for enlightening me.

Feeling my precious son move all around inside of me. His kicks and rolls bring so much joy and emotion, to all of us. Grateful always.

I hope that each one of you have the loveliest kind of weekend, as always. What plans fill the weekend for you?

Happiest Friday!