friday || 3.3.17

Happy, Happy Friday, my friends!

I hope that y'all are headed into a weekend marked up by some of your favorite things. What are the things you find most refreshing to do during the weekend? Being quite the introvert, especially when it comes to the ways I'm refreshed, I'm always curious to see what rejuvenates other people.

Speaking of personalities, have any of you ever done a personality test? And if you had, what are you? Personality tests fascinate me a little bit. I think it can be a helpful tool to discovering more about someone and giving you some initial insight into who they are and why they tend to react the way they do, think the way they do, interact the way they do, etc. It peels back the onion another layer, so to speak. So, you must tell me your personality type now or go scour the internet for one of the tests and spend the next several days reading up on yourself. You're pretty interesting, you know.

Now on to the next thing........

- A few of my favorite things this week - 

A new favorite album, A Better Word, by Bethany Barnard. I have always, always loved her and after a several year hiatus, she has come back with a gem of a record. The track, There's a River, keeps finding itself on repeat.

I've been "window-shopping" for spring and summer clothes for all of us this past week and I'm discovering I've got a thing for flutter sleeves. I mean, look at this Stripe Flutter Top for little girlies. It's winning for me.

Scrambled eggs with sautéed tomatoes and goat cheese. I can't get enough.

The flatware we were gifted for our wedding continues to mysteriously go missing. I would love to have a gold flatware set, as well as stainless steel, to just change it up every once in a while, but I'm not going to spend $$$ on flatware. This 5pc Izon Flatware Set from Threshold at Target caught my eye, as well as the Stainless Steel Set. Simple and classic.

How much AK loves 80s pop music.

Pioneer Woman's brown butter chocolate chunk cookies.

I'm eager to add this Date Night In Cookbook by Ashley Rodriguez from the Not Without Salt blog to my cookbook collection. I've become such a fan of hers since discovering her blog and recipes and I've heard such good things about this book.

The spring thunderstorms that rolled in this week. You know me and cozy.

I also have a fascination with the bell-sleeve trend and I'd like to see if I could pull it off. So, when I spotted this Button-Back Bell-Sleeve Top from JCrew, in all its periwinkle loveliness, it went onto the wardrobe wishing list. Also, buttons down the back of a top or a dress is a favorite fashion detail for me.

I've mentioned Dear Mushka before, but it bears mentioning again as we step into the days of spring and summer and have all the showers and weddings and girls night outs and summer date nights to celebrate. This sweet shop has such lovely pieces, with the best kind of meaning behind each one. My parents got me the Parallel Bracelet for my birthday back in January and it's become a staple piece for me.

Except for the horrible toll it takes on my allergies, I have loved that we've been able to wear shorts one day and have a roaring fire another day in the very same week. It's surprisingly fun.

Growing up, we had a honey pot similar to this Silo Honey Pot from Anthropologie. When I stumbled across this one on Anthro's website I had all the warm fuzzy memories and decided that we need such a cute little pot to set out on our countertop so AK can use the same delightful wooden dipper and one day have all the warm fuzzy memories, too.

I am awaiting the arrival of this Tencel Sleeveless Shirtdress from Gap and I'm quite excited about hanging it up in my closet.

The Risen Motherhood Podcast. I'm a few listens in and loving it.

Cheers to the Friday and the weekend, lovelies!