friday || 1.20.17

It's that day we all wait for each week. Friday is here again. :)

I hope that each of you have had a truly wonderful week and that your weekend is equally as wonderful, whatever it may hold.

We are full of the "delights of anticipation" as Anne would say, as we are counting down the last few hours before Nomie (my mom), Uncle Mike, and Auntie Meg arrive in town! The little sister is coming back for her next semester and we are extra happy this time because her boyfriend, Zach, is back this semester, too, so we get our piece of family back here in Louisville again and that makes us so thankful. And my little brother, "Uncle Mike", gets to visit for the first time since AK was born! So between getting Meg and Zach back here in town, Mike visiting, and Nomie topping it off, we are three happy happy people! Living far from all our family makes us savor these times all the more. We don't focus on the end of the visit, we focus on each piece of it, and they never fail to be the best kinds of times. 

So it is, indeed, a very Happy Friday over here.

A few of my favorite things this week.......

It doesn't take much reading here to discover my love for all things cozy and cable knit sweaters, to me, fit snugly in that category. Spotted this cable crewneck sweater on JCrew Factory and I love the blue tones. 

This down and feather fill parka arrived on the doorstep this week and I'm so pleased with it! I like the weight -- not too huge but definitely feel the warmth. The hood is nice and cozy and the length is perfect!

leftover birthday cake.

I'm making champagne vanilla cupcakes (YES) while the family is in town this weekend and I've been scouring the online for white cake platters. I love the simplicity of this one from World Market and the dainty dots and shape of this one from the threshold line at Target.

good reads that make turning out the light and going to sleep rather difficult.

This book, Finding Winnie, needs to make its way into your home as soon as it can. In one read it has become one of my favorite books to read with AK. It is the sweetest story with the happiest surprise.

I am eager for Ellie Holcomb's new record, Red Sea Road, to release. The way she weaves words and upholds truth in such a beautiful way -- it's just good good stuff!

My mom and younger siblings are bringing several of our Christmas gifts up to us today, the ones that we couldn't fly home, including my gorgeous new marble pastry slab!!!! I'm GIDDY.

texts that come at just the right time, when your heart most needs them.

I have several dear friends who are having babies soon and as we all await their arrival I've been hunting for the best kinds of little things to gift them. Molly and Moo has some darling wooden toys and teeters and this pull-along delilah duck is perfectly sweet!

I'm making monkey bread for our Saturday family brunch tomorrow and we love PW's recipe for it. This is the kind of food that I have to will myself to stop eating because I absolutely would eat myself sick with it.

that AK told me today, "Mom, I get chatty at bedtime."

the sound of rain

My mom is officially hipper than I am. She took one of these transport tote beauties home from Madewell the other day and she is so happy with it! I told her to not be concerned if it goes missing on her trip here.

Any find or little delights from your weeks that you would like to share?? I always love to hear!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's a lovely one for you.