like a dear old friend

My season has made its entrance. Though we are still waiting for the temperatures to allow the wearing of sweaters and the aisles of Trader Joes to be filled with their pumpkin-flavored bounty, September has arrived and, for me, that means the bells have tolled the arrival of fall.

This season ushers in all things warm and cozy, the beginning of evenings fires, pots of irish stew, pumpkin and cider scented candles burning all day long, and it has always been the dearest of seasons for me. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I would be happy if crisp, chilly days, with plenty of rainy days thrown in, made up 85% percent of our weather, that I would rather be clad in jeans and a sweater than anything else, that my senses delight when filled with fall, and that "cozy" is one of my favorite words. So when I turn the page in my planner that has September written across it my heart thrills. I think it must be something akin to when a bear exits hibernation; that giddy, anticipating feeling of all the delights that are to come. ;) 

Fall is like a comfort blanket for me. I was texting with one of my dearest friends, a fellow fall-adorer, and we were talking about how the arrival of this season feels like the arrival of a dear old friend; a friend who you don't get to see as often as you'd like but who brings a sense of the best kind of comfort and ease whenever you are in their company. This year I welcomed that dear old friend with the widest of open arms. I know September comes the same time every year but this year I felt like the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Fall's arrival was just what I needed.

Isn't the Lord so sweet in those ways? To give us good gifts. Sometimes they come in seemingly mundane, simple ways, but they are there for the noticing if we take the time to see them as such. I want to recognize those things more, to say "thanks, Lord" more often than I do. I want to see His grace and goodness in the imperfect pumpkin that Little picks out for our front doorstep, in evenings of family walks as we feel those first notes of "crisp" on the air, in the pure joy it brings to read Anne of Green Gables one more time, in honey crisp apples and our 23rd loaf of pumpkin bread, in the gatherings with friends that go late into the night because we just don't want to say goodbye, in the hardworking hands of my husband as he builds the first fire of the season and the marshmallow-sticky hands of our kiddo from the indoor s'mores. I want this list to continue, to fill up with times that I take the step back, stop taking things for granted, and say "thank You, Lord" for all of it. All the good and perfect gifts are from Him and when my heart starts to thrill at all those pieces of fall that continue to start appearing around me, I want to remember that.

Welcome fall, you dear old friend.