that annual campout

As soon as the weather turns warm each year AK begins asking one question on repeat, "when do we go camping??" This year makes the third year in a row that we have ventured into the great outdoors for a simple camping trip, and she's already talking about next year.....which I kinda really love.

We tried a new campground this year and I think we're going to keep it. We pulled up to our campsite, hopped out of the car, and walked into a little haven, a green canopy covered outdoor nest-egg. With the sunlight sneaking through the holes in the leaves and the gentlest breeze rustling the leaves I felt like Anne of Green Gables. Moments like that always make me think of Anne and her beautiful appreciation of the wondrous outdoors. And that perfect gentle breeze coupled with near silence of those few moments? Oh, I just want to bottle it up.

AK was J's shadow as he set up tent and, may I say, that girl can hold her own with a hammer. She loooooooves to help. It has been a learning curve for both J and I as, let's be honest, sometimes it's just a lot quicker to do things yourself; but, goodness taking the extra time is worth it. That extra time results in countless teaching moments with our girl, nurturing that helpful spirit that she possesses, and humbling our hearts to make sure that in that moment we are loving her more than clean countertops and extra minutes.

We fished, we captured a cricket for AK's new bug kit, we played candy land and go-fish by latern light in our tent, we read books under blankets by the fire. We cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmallows for s'mores, we took our time waking up and sipped our morning coffee in oversized sweatshirts, we had un-rushed conversations and moments of delicious quiet. 

It was a 24-hour span full of good things. 

As we drove home on Saturday I was struck by something that never ceases to be when we have times like this. I walk away from every single one not just with my memory box a bit more full, but with my heart having learned a few more wonderful things. The Lord uses it all, all of our everyday moments. I'm so thankful for that.