friday || 9.18.15

This spot was so serene -- one of those places that makes me feel like I'm Anne Shirley, thrilling inwardly at the beauty that's around me and soaking up a few moments of silence, or quiet thought. It was rather close to perfect. 

01 || If you haven't read George W. Bush's book 41: A Portrait of My Father then you must, very soon. It is beautiful and honest and grew my respect for George H.W. Bush even more as I discovered more about the life he has lived and the man he is. 

02 || For J's birthday dinner this week I made Pioneer Woman's Steak with Onion Blue Cheese Sauce. I splurged and used Filet Mignon -- it's my hubby's birthday -- and, goodness gracious, that steak was good. You need to eat this meal with a nice loaf of bread on the table as you'll want to do a lot of lapping up. 

03 || How perfectly yummy does this pullover sweater look? Madewell gives me all the heart eyes.

04 || When fall hits I get excited for crisp evenings curled up with a toasty sip of something, a good read, and a blanket. Our blanket collection could use some new additions and west elm has some cozy looking choices. Which places do you all get blankets from?? I need some good suggestions. 

05 || I do love my new little to-do notepad that now adorns my desk. And I love all the little delights that await to be discovered when you toodle around Anthropologie for a while. *The link is to the Rifle Paper site, but I picked mine up at Anthropologie.

06 || I love this A.W. Tower quote: 

"We please Him most, not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections and believing that He understands everything -- and still loves us."

Enjoy your weekends, dearies. I'm so glad it's fall time.