to the mountains we go

*image via tumblr

It's Monday, my friends. Mondays always make me a little more eager to fill up my coffee cup and a bit more desirous for a donut or something equally as craving-satisfying.....gearing up for the week ahead and such things, you know.

This Monday, however, I have an already present added zest to the day as tomorrow we get to board a plane and fly to the beauty that is the state of Colorado. Oh, beautiful day! To say we are excited about some time away is, well, a gross understatement. We are oh, so very ready to see those mountains, to feel that dry air, to sit on the deck with our morning coffee, and to wrap our arms around that wonderful family of ours that's waiting for us. 

Life has been heavy lately and rather full. This trip is a sweet reprieve. Travel is such a gift, isn't it? I hope I never stop getting butterflies whenever we pack suitcases, or watch cities fade away through an airplane window, or take that first sip of coffee as we head into a many-hour car trip. I really love those moments ---- those instagram-worthy ;), heart-filling, gratitude-inducing moments. They're good ones.