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          photo via   tumblr

          photo via tumblr

Doesn't this picture look like such a lovely moment? Donned in a big hat, a skirt, and darling sandals, arranging the loveliest flowers, preparing for a morning of delightful conversation with people as they stop by in the middle of a bustling city, and soaking up the beauty of the spring day. That's what I imagine when I look at this picture and I just adore it. The simplicity and beauty of it. I have come to love spring more as the years go by and things like this picture make me fall in love with the pieces of spring even more.

I hope you lovelies have had the most pleasant week! We started our week off with Nomie and Papa (my parents) in town and my little sis getting back from a missions trip to Central Asia (wow!). Always, always thankful for family time and our days with them this time were wonderful, as they always are. We are going to miss the little sis like crazy this summer while she's home for break -- AK is already asking when "Auntie Meg and Zach (sis' sweet boyfriend)" are coming back. :) 

This weekend we are heading to Georgia for Memorial Day weekend. We are excited to get out of town for a few days and see our GA gang! 

What do you darlings have planned for this weekend? 

So, my darling friend, Autumn, and her husband, James, have an incredible blog -- Courageous Love. You must read it. The testimony they have and their hearts for Jesus are incredible. And they have the most adorable little girl who I am so eager to meet face to face! :) This week Autumn wrote such a beautiful letter to her precious daughter. There were tears brimming over in my eyes as I read her words to her daughter. My momma's heart felt every bit of the emotion in her words and my own heart was encouraged in such a needed, tender way. She has a way with words, this friend of mine. 


Waving my JCrew flag high today as they are having a 50% off everything sale on their JCrew Factory site through Memorial Day. Happy Holiday shopping!


I picked up this Olivewood Cheese Cutting Board (I will say that mine is a bit darker wood than this pic shown, just fyi) from World Market this week. It's a great size and a pretty little display piece in the kitchen. I love how so many kitchen tools can double as the decor of your kitchen -- practical and aesthetically pleasing -- win/win. 

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I think I am just going to have to make this bright and delicious looking Lemon Pie as soon as I am able. I love cooking and baking with lemons -- they are light, tangy, and refreshing -- a favorite kitchen essential of mine. And a lemony dessert in springtime is just the loveliest.

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                                                photo via amazon

I have said it before, but I just love reading biographies. I plow through them. It is fascinating to me to learn about people in past and present history, to gain perhaps a better understanding of that individual, and to see what their life was/is like. I am in the midst of reading These Few Precious Days -- a biography on John and Jackie Kennedy at the moment. Their story has always intrigued me -- a fascination to learn more about this couple and their individual characters along with the romance of Camelot. I am going to do a more thorough review on the blog when I finish the book, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it. It is interesting and revealing to learn more about the them -- their individual childhoods, their relationship, the many devastating circumstances they faced, their time in the White House; but, I will tell you upfront, their story truly makes me sad. 

So, on that high note, haha, I hope you all enjoy a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! Do you have any special traditions or plans? My dear friend, Vanessa, is from Brazil so she is preparing a Brazilian BBQ for our Memorial Day cookout! We cannot wait. 

Happiest of Fridays to you all!



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