a fresh look

Hi, lovelies! Thanks for being patient with me as I got my new site set up. We had some things come up in everyday life so I wasn't able to get to it as quickly as I wanted to; but, here we are now! 

I've been wanting to change up the look a bit, as of late, and my sweet hubby has been actively encouraging me to do it for a while, so with his help, I am now officially www.thesesweetdays.com. I am enjoying the crisp simplicity of my new space, I'm learning my way around, and am eager to add to it in the weeks ahead. However, I didn't want to wait any longer to get back to blogging! I've missed it and you guys!

The break has been good, though, and I've seen the Lord use it to refresh my mind and cause me to examine my heart in some ways. My greatest desire is always that this space would glorify Him and I'm grateful for times He helps me to step back, reexamine, and prayerfully consider my heart motivation in my small piece of the blogging world. 

Having this fresh new look has given me an added pep in my step with blogging and photography inspiration. I'm eager to learn more and to continue to grow in my creativity. I'm so inspired by those around me, and the encouragement you all have given means more to me than I can say. Thank you for reading, for taking part, and for sharing your lives and thoughts with me, my friends. It's a gift!

Enjoy your Sundays, darlings,



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