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Welcome to Friday. Oh, happy day! This Friday in our home is extra wonderful because AK's Papa and Nomie, my parents, are visiting! We have been counting down the days until their arrival. AK actually burst into tears one day early this week and said, "it's taken such a yong time for dem to come!" Suffice it to say, she's quite the happy girl today. 

The next few days shall be full of family, fun, and Italian Cream Cake. Bravo.

On to it......

My sweet friend and neighbor, Casey, brought me the most darling little succulent a couple days ago. I've just fallen in love with this trend of succulents everywhere. They are so unique and add such a perfect touch to a windowsill or table. I'm eager to get a couple more.

   photo via google via

   photo via google via

I've was never a runner, but my man loves to run and has always asked me if I would start running with him. I just never thought I'd have the stamina for it so I always declined, but last summer I finally decided to give it a shot, and now I'm so excited to get back to it this spring! I have a long ways to go, but it felt so good to push myself  into something new, and the fact that we can enjoy it as a whole family (Little rides in our jogging stroller) makes it great. I have a long ways to go, but I have the most encouraging trainer. :) The shoes I ran in last year were a sorry excuse for running shoes so we ordered this Nike FS Lite Run 2 shoes from Zappos a few weeks ago. Three things: 1. They have great support and I've already felt a difference in my body after exercising since switching to these. 2. They are lightweight and breathable. 3. They are cute! And cute workout gear definitely adds extra pep to the workout routine. 


In our home, we hold firmly to these two statements, so I've had this sign on a list for a while as something to add to our little kitchen. There are several different prints of this same quote available on Etsy. 

I love these no bake energy bites. They take about 2 minutes to throw together and they make the perfect snack. If you scroll down past the recipe in the link, she shares links to recipes for  several different energy bites, like chocolate peanut butter, trail mix, and cranberry pistachio.


So, have any of you seen the Cinderella movie?  I went this past Tuesday with a good friend for a mommy's night out, which included, much to my delight, a large soda and the consumption of a entire box of hot tamales, and we both really enjoyed the movie. There was a bit more sadness in it then I was emotionally prepared for at the time, but it touched that part of my heart that will forever be the little girl who loves  fairy tales and happy endings. What'd you all think of the movie? 

I hope you are all thoroughly enjoying your spring season so far! Happy Friday to you all!

xoxo, Jenny


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