friday || 11

It's Fri-YAY! So cheesy, but I love it for I truly feel that way. 

When warm weather hits it's popsicle season in our home. One of my favorite spring/summer sights is peeking out the front door and seeing J and AK sitting on the front step enjoying popsicles and daddy/daughter chats. This year I want to get some popsicle molds and try making our own. Making her own popsicles in these star-shaped molds would absolutely thrill my Little.


Earlier this week we received an email with a Target gift card from our eye doctor, just because. That's rather fabulous client care! Little has been needing some new summer shoes, and as Target was having an online shoe sale I went shopping, gift card in hand. I try not to spend too much on shoes for AK as she is constantly growing and, with her being a kid and all, shoes get worn rather quickly. So to walk away with these play shoes (her favorite) and these darling gladiator sandals for no cost to myself was such a blessing. Thank you, eye doctor!

Keeping with the shoe theme, these heeled sandals are some I'd love to add to my spring and summer wear. I'm hoping to find a pair for a bit less $, so if you know of any, fill up the comment section. :)

J and I are hooked on a new way to enjoy a morning bagel. An everything bagel slathered with cream cheese with avocado on top, perhaps sprinkled with some dill. Whoa Nelly, it's good. Try it this weekend. You must try it. You must. 

I'm going to have a mommy moment here, my friends. I cannot believe we are about to buy our kid a bed this big. She's absolutely refused to listen to our pleas that she quit growing so fast.....the nerve. Thus, it's big girl bed time. No longer a toddler big girl bed, but a she-can-grow-into-it-for-a-long-time type big girl bed. A trip to IKEA is in the works in the next couple of weeks for this bed and dresser. AK is thrilled! Mommy is working on it. 

We have a bit of a marriage/love-themed weekend ahead. We have a wedding to attend this Saturday of two sweet friends of ours so my happy tears will be getting a workout. After that, it's a date with my guy. Oh, happy day! What do you lovelies have planned? 

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's a wonderful one.