friday || 10

Friday has come, once again, as it is always faithful to do. There's always such anticipation that accompanies a Friday. Like when you go to a play, a concert, or some other live production and all of a sudden, the lights dim, the music starts, you wait with baited breath, and the excitement wells up inside you. I know this because I attend plays and concerts on such a regular basis.....laughs weakly. However, I still think the illustration holds true. Friday is the opening act to a simply wonderful part of the week: its end.

Now on to a few little pieces of fashion, food, books, and otherwise to share with you all today:

I ordered this dress from Old Navy this week. It's hard for me to ever resist stripes. I am eager for it to arrive and I'm hoping it holds up to the hype I'm building up in my head of the comfy, dress up/dress down, spring/summer uniform that I anticipate it being.


My dear friend, Beth, recommended this book to me and I've finally been able to break open the pages. I expect that I will be wishing I could go back in time and experience that summer alongside the author herself. 


We are slowly beginning the process of moving our Little into one of the bigger rooms of our apartment, to give her some much needed extra space. In doing this we are switching our office into our bedroom and passing on some of our larger pieces of furniture. One of those pieces is the table we've been using for a desk and we are replacing it with this much smaller desk which fits our practical needs much better. I have this same desk, in white, in our living room and I love the simplicity and the size of it. We went with the natural wood this time to add in a different color and texture and, as J will be using it most often, a bit more masculinity. 


I tried my hand at my first homemade artisan loaf of bread and decided on the spot that it would be a weekly occurrence in our home. My darling friend, Julie, had shared a recipe the other day for sullivan street bread and, because I trust my fellow foodie and her taste, I knew this would be a good one. There are so many recipes I want to try alongside this crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, good to the last crumb loaf of bread; however, one of the best ways to enjoy it will always be fresh out of the oven slathered with butter. 

During our little flu quarantine, I discovered this show on HGTV one evening and was immediately hooked. First of all, I love seeing a hubby and wife working together like this, and what a beautiful couple they are: cute, loving, real, witty,  and incredibly creative. Second, what they do with these houses?! Absolutely stunning.  You know someone is talented when they do such a fantastic job creating a space that it makes you think, every single time, "okay, actually, that is my decorating style." I'm a fan.

So, dear ones, I do hope you enjoy the main act of your weekends ahead, and happiest of happy Fridays to you!

xoxo, Jenny