hashtag project || #bitsofgrace

 Over the past months, I have come to realize, in a more personal, precious way, how thoroughly blessed we are that the Lord has given us one another to walk through this life with. He has surrounded us with wise, like-minded, generous, witty, loving, and kind testimonies of Himself in our darling families, our dear friends, and countless other  men and women He's brought into our lives in various ways. Living in this day and age we get to experience that in an even broader way through texts, email, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We receive encouragement through a quote someone posted, through a, "Hey, I'm thankful for you, my friend!" text, or a picture of someone's sanctifying, but beautiful reality on Instagram. For all the nastiness that is out on the Internet, it is so incredible to see how it can be used as such a tool to encourage, teach, and love on, truly, thousands of people. 

As I've recognized more of the beauty that lies within this gift that is community, I have sought to fight to recognize and hold onto the many ways I am encouraged and blessed by it, and use it as a means to fight against discouragement, loneliness, comparison, or frustration. I want to be faithful to do this daily, but especially to be aware of it on the days where I see myself spiraling down into negativity, despair, and wrong thinking. Whether a friend drops by a cup of coffee or a sweet treat, someone leaves an encouraging comment on my blog or Instagram, someone sends a perfectly timed text or a thoughtful "just because" note or gift, the person in front of me in a drive-thru pays for my food/drink, a friend offers to keep AK so J and I can have a date or says, "hey, let us take ya'll to dinner tonight", a friend gives a needed hug or sits and listens to my rambling thoughts, my hubby surprises me with flowers, coffee, or says, "go have some alone time, Babe", my Little brings me a piece of chocolate just because, our parents come to visit and overwhelm us with generosity, someone posts a blog or quote that was just what my heart needed that day, the list could literally go on forever. In all these ways, and countless more, I'm seeing a tangible picture of God's grace in my life, and I want to be faithful to not let those moments just slip past without savoring them, voicing gratitude for them, and tucking them away to be treasured reminders for days to come. 

With all of this on my heart I had the thought to start a new hashtag project. One that we use to share with one another those pictures of grace. I think this could become such a neat way to encourage one another, to remind us all to treasure, even more, the beautiful people we get to share life with, and to inspire one another to be faithful to be the very pictures of grace that we see others being in our own lives. I'm calling it: #bitsofgrace. I would love if you all joined me in it and shared those bits of grace the Lord is kind to give through the lives of those around you: through their creativity, their thoughtfulness, their generosity, their patience, their love.  So many sweet stories and precious memories await to be shared. 

Grateful for you all,