friday || 12.4.15

Oh, you guys, doesn't it just give you all the warm fuzzies and happy feelings to see Merry Christmas everywhere!? The chill and cheer are both officially in the air and my heart is full to bursting! There have been some moments and days lately that have been harrrrrrrd (more to be shared on that later), but there have been even more moments lately, the past couple of weeks especially, that have caused me to think, "this, this, is the time where my heart is actually going to explode from gratitude and happiness." The Lord is kind and life is sweet. 

We arrived home from TX, after a dear sweet trip, this past Sunday afternoon and after putting away our clothes, our books, and our leftover car snacks, we threw on comfies, turned on the Charlie Brown Christmas CD, and pulled out the Christmas boxes. A little while later we stepped back to admire the finished product of our Christmas tree when AK ran to the window and said, "ohhhhhhh, I think it's snowing outside!" Sadly, it was not the case, but I just adored her eager self in that moment that was so hopeful to see white covering the ground the minute the Christmas decorations went up. 

The more the years go by the more I see the sweetness in this season and the more I feel the beauty and magnitude that this season brings with it and I grow to cherish it even more. I hope that never ceases to be the case.

a few of my favorite things........

01 || christmas traditions. what are some of your favorites!? 

02 || the shop around the corner. the original you've got mail. watch this one and then watch in the good old summertime and then finish with that meg ryan, tom hanks classic. it will be a good movie day. 

03 || the new load of memories I left TX with. 

04 || this lovely new planner that sits on my desk. it's my favorite planner I've had to date.

05 || sitting in our living room in the early morning hours, coffee in hand, with only the glow of the christmas tree lights.

06 || this flannel pj set from jcrew factory.

07 || when Little looked at my nails the other day and said, "oh, mommy, I yooove dat colow on you!" 

08 || thumbprint cookies with a tart jam center. I can't wait to try this recipe.

09 || new books arriving in the mail. EEK!

10 || John Piper's advent devotional

11 || that my brother and sis (in-law) now have three beautiful boys......and the fact that we get to walk this whole parenting road with them. they are priceless encouragers and confidants.

We have a beautifully empty weekend ahead. There shall be a gingerbread house made -- it's all we can do to keep AK waiting until Saturday to put it together. Other than that we have no big plans and that makes our three homebody hearts very happy. 

Happy Friday, dear ones! I hope your weekend is a cozy one.