friday || 12.18.15

guys, christmas is next week. next. week. I'm not even going to share with you how shamefully late I am on getting all my gifts together. next year, I'm starting in July. I am. you all must hold me it.

I am, however, just so grateful for sweet moments of christmas anticipation that this week has held. looking forward to many more throughout the next few days. and this season has been extra special with how much Little is anticipating it this year! I cannot wait for christmas morning with her. that little grin and those bright eyes --- makes me happy teary-eyed just thinking about it. it's going to be a good day.

have you all had a great week!? what are your plans leading up to christmas next week? 

here's a few favorite things to share with you all............

a reading challenge for 2016 created by tim challies. I think it'd be neat as is or if you mixed and matched, depending on which level you chose, the types of books he suggests. 

friends finding out they are expecting! always makes me giddy.

rachel khoo's kitchen notebook. I would like to be her friend. she just seems lovely.

when my little sports a messy bun.

I walked past these printed cotton leggings on display at gap the other day. I thought "oh, they have some cute patterns" and then I felt they are a necessity.

the way my husband puts the hood of his sweatshirt up when he hits his coziest. 

if you need a laugh watch this couple singing at the gas pump. I particularly love when he backs-up his wife.

when sweet friends always seem to know the perfect time to send you a text.

these carmelitas from kelsey nixon. I wore them out a couple of christmases ago because they were so well-received. 

finally getting to enjoy my seasonal viewing of white christmas. 

this don't need a date night.....from tim challies.

the anticipation of christmas morning in our little home.

oh, friday. the happy feeling it brings never really does get old, does it? those weekly pieces of wonderful are just the best. 

I hope you beauties all have a grand weekend leading up the delight of christmas next week!