friday || 10.16.15

It's been a sweet week in our little home. The Lord has kindly and abundantly answered a prayer for a full-time position for J! He has been a contractor at Humana up until now and we have been hopeful for a full-time spot for him since the beginning and, this week, he got the happy news! 

It's a blessing on so many levels and he is so excited. That's my favorite part of it all. He is the most faithful, diligent, hard-working person I know and it has been so neat watching him grow and learn in each new opportunity the Lord has given and this is the same. I'm so proud of him, so excited for him, and so eager to celebrate him this weekend! A whole weekend before us of family time and celebration. The best. The very best.

a few of my favorite things.....

01 || before bed ice cream and movies with my J.

02 || this sermon from CJ Mahaney -- "Making Our Way to the House of Mourning." one of the best sermons I've ever heard. so honest, so wise, so beautifully filled with hope and truth. 

03 || color changing on the trees.

04 || Tiffani Thiessen's roasted tomato soup. my favorite tomato soup recipe to date. that roasted flavor from the tomatoes adds the perfect layer of flavor. 

05 || "don't you love New York in the fall? it makes me want to buy school supplies. i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if i knew your name and address."

06 || i'm eager for chilly days that require a large sweater to snuggle in. i'm kind of loving this poppy colored ribbed turtleneck sweater from Loft. it looks quite lounge-worthy.

07 || when Little tells me all about the exciting adventures she's been on.

08 || celebrating this weekend means a fresh baked good must be indulged in. we are going to try out these salted caramel and chocolate pecan pie bars. yay.

09 || the kindest, sweetest, and most loving encouragement we've had from so many this week. my goodness, the Lord is kind.

10 || i've been itching to get a marble slab for our little kitchen for a long time. for baking and to make the foodie photography even prettier.

I hope that you all enjoy the very best kinds of weekends, my friends. Grateful for each one of you!


photo via tumblr