book review | treasuring christ when your hands are full

"When your eyes are fixed on the horizon of eternity, it affects your vision for motherhood. We need to have eyes to see a view of God that is so big and so glorious that it transforms our perspective of motherhood. In the context of eternity, where Christ is doing his work of reigning over the cosmos, we need to see our mundane moments for what they really are --- worship. In the daily (and nightly) work of mothering, we're given dozens of invitations to worship God as he reminds us of the hope we have because of his gospel."

When I read this paragraph in the introduction of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full I anticipated ending this book with close to half the book underlined. I wasn't wrong. This is the best book for a mothers heart that I have read. You must, must have this book on your shelf.

Gloria Furman comes alongside as a gentle, truth-filled, humorous friend, linking her arm through yours, reminding you of the greatest truth we know, the one that is our hope and help in every way. She focuses our hearts on the thing that is our foundation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and wisely and lovingly recalls to our minds that we must treat it as that foundation, constantly reminding ourselves that we are fully and wonderfully made to be dependent on Him. She is real and authentic, writing as a friend. So many times I found myself wishing I could sit at her kitchen table and just talk to her, sharing my heart and hearing hers. Her writing is a treasure.

I told a friend today how I set this book down and realized that I was walking away from it encouraged and refreshed not only as a mother, but as a woman. This book pounded on my heart, in the best and most needed ways, in regards to every part of my life. That is why I love it. It's about treasuring Christ, and that is something that should never be restricted to one area of our daily existence, but should be the theme that runs through every piece and aspect of our being. 

Read this book, my friends. I promise you will mark it up as much as I did.