book review || the wingfeather saga

My husband loves to read and always has multiple books going at once. He tends to be a slower reader, so when I see him reading a book that he can barely set down, and which often results in several midnight or later nights for him, I know that I, more than likely, need to add that book or series to the top of my reading list. Such it was with the Wingfeather Saga. Our good friends had introduced us to the series and J was the first of us to pick up the book and try it out. It wasn't long into his reading that he started to tell me, "Babe, you've got to read these books." And on my list they went.

So a few months ago, I cracked open the binding of the first one, and it was only a matter of paragraphs before I knew this one had me. The creativity of Andrew Peterson to create this world, these characters, the depth of this story line!? It astounds me. As it was when I read the Harry Potter Series I continually found myself just struck by the imagination and thoughtfulness and attention to every detail that an Andrew Peterson or a J.K. Rowling pours into every ounce of their writing.

These 4 books in the Wingfeather Saga follow the stories of three siblings and each one of them will endear themselves to you in their own unique way. The characters in this book are so diverse, each fascinating in their own right. The stories behind the story are weaved together in the most artistic way to create this world and the lives in it. The landscapes of this book are terrifying and the kind that dreams are made of. The writing as a whole is simply beautiful -- it pricks every emotion and it brought me to tears multiple times. The way he writes of the themes of redemption and sacrifice, forgiveness and courage, love and hope is profound to me in the case of a novel. Truly, what a gift to write like this.

These are books that J and I cannot wait to read aloud with Anna Kate one day. These are books that will sit on our bookshelves for years to come and be very well-worn. These are the kinds of books that, for me, as also in the case of dear Harry, I was so sad to close the last one, and because of that, I can't wait to come back to again one day.

-- The Wingfeather Saga -- 

 Book One: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness 

Book Two: North! Or Be Eaten

Book Three: The Monster in the Hollows

Book Four: The Warden and the Wolf King

Happy Reading, my friends!