review || summer at tiffany

Several months ago, I finally picked up this read that my dearest friend, Beth, had recommended to me quite a long time ago. Her book recommendations have never failed before and this one was no different -- she knows me so well. 

This book is just adorable. The author, Marjorie Hart, writes her memoir in such a simplistic, personable, heart-felt way. I felt as if I was living in 1945 and experiencing every bit of that New York summer adventure with her. Oh, the stories she shares -- from the interview for that job at Tiffany, to watching Judy Garland grace the Tiffany store with her presence, to experiencing, first-hand, the thrill of Times Square the night Truman announced that the Japanese had surrendered, to being given a priceless Tiffany gift on her departure from the store at the end of summer -- every one shared in such a way that you see what a treasure that summer was to her. 

One of the reasons I am drawn to biographies & memoirs is, not only the fascination that comes with learning about the life of someone else, but to experience a part of history, a time gone by, through the lens of someone who lived it. I loved this book for that. 

And my love for New York City, that intriguing, magical, memory-filled city, has only grown now.......and I still have yet to visit. 

Thank you, Beth, you darling kindred spirit, you. You always know the perfect books to share with me.