recipe || champagne-vanilla cupcakes

There is always a reason to bake cupcakes, but when your sister and her boyfriend get back in town for school, your mom and little brother come for a visit and your little brother hasn't been to visit in 5 years, and it's your birthday and wedding anniversary month, I'd say the reasons to bake cupcakes are without argument.

If you've never made cupcakes with some sort of bubbly in them I encourage you to do so now. The alcohol bakes out and you are left with fluffy, light baby cakes that are perfect for any sort of party or shower or Thursday afternoon.


I prefer using Prosecco or another bubbly wine like Moscato because the flavor of champagne is not everyone's cup of tea. We chose to use a different icing recipe since the custard frosting was a bit more involved than we had time for and this buttercream frosting is tried and true.

Cupcake Recipe from Food Network*

Buttercream Frosting Recipe from Pinterest

*I used vanilla rather than the vanilla bean this time around

Pipe out some frosting and add a few decorative edible pearls and voila!, my darlings! Simple elegance in cupcake form.

Happy Baking, lovelies!