recipe || roasted tomato soup

Do you know what inspires me? Someone who has a dream tucked into their heart, something they probably keep quietly to themselves for a time, praying about it, asking the Lord to give directions and clarity as to if and when the steps for that dream ought to begin. Then, one day, they whisper it to their spouse or dear friend or parent and say, "what do you think about it?" And over time they began to share it with a few more people, asking for prayer, asking for help or added inspiration until, finally, it is time to start fitting the pieces of that dream together.

The hard work begins the putting feet to the dream. How exciting and exhausting it must be, how vulnerable and hopeful that person must feel. But how sweet to be on a journey of learning to trust the Lord all the more; to see what He will do with it, whether it is to grow and flourish, or whether it doesn't come to really ever "be" at all and it is something that must be let go. Either way, He pushes and prods, stretches and grows, encourages and comforts. After all, He knows those private dreams we hold better than we really do, and He knows how He is going to us them, for our sake and His.

I've thought about all these things many times as I've followed The Yellow Table blog. Anna, the lovely one behind said blog, relayed her journey a while ago as she created and wrote and published her first cookbook, The Yellow Table. It was fascinating to read about that journey and incredible to see her work ethic and her passion behind putting together those pages. A story like that catches my eye, it sparks my creativity, and it absolutely makes me feel all the things.

And then she goes and cooks so beautifully! This roasted tomato soup of hers is our favorite favorite of all the tomato soup recipes we've tried. I love the balance of her soup, and the grilled cheese recipe she has in her book to accompany this soup marks the yummy box with a good, hearty check.

Eat, my friends, and be satisfied.

Roasted Tomato-Basil Soup

Ingredients and Recipe on the blog: The Yellow Table.

Buy her cookbook. It is so well done, truly a soothing cookbook for me to flip through. It is a favorite to keep on my Magnolia cookbook stand as the cover is lovely and reminds me, every time I glance over at it, to always be looking for opportunity to gather people around my own table. There's something magical about the way food and conversations meld together. I love what it does.

I hope this week is off to a delicious start for you, lovelies. Happy Monday.