our weekend past | 10/52

Good Morning, Monday.

I want to welcome Monday more. I want to soak up every last bit of the weekend, be so grateful for it, and then turn my eyes to start of the week ahead, with all its glorious newness. 

This weekend was full of our favorite thing: each other. The plans we had were rescheduled so our Saturday and Sunday were as open as open can be, and, for this band of three musketeers, weekend days where the only set piece is spending time together are sweet ones, indeed.


We did nothing "big", we just enjoyed the beautiful normal. We ate grapefruit and sunny-side up eggs and exercised our right to vote. We returned a coat that didn't fit and stopped by a local coffee shop. We made mouth-watering lamb burgers and watched our favorite Netflix shows. We heard an excellent sermon by our pastor and enjoyed the perfect afternoon walk. We had multiple discipline sessions, spent time reading, ate french silk pie, and talked about this life that we are living.

"Choosing joy" was a theme of our conversations over our weekend days. This season we are in has been hard, hard in the sense of waiting, hard in the sense of parenting an intense, strong-willed 4 year old, hard in the sense that you feel like discouragement is trying to seep into every corner it can. Our pastor Jim preached on Psalm 42 & 43 yesterday and the verse that makes an appearance 3 times throughout those two psalms is:

"Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God."

The timing of the Lord made me smile yesterday. As I sat and listened to this sermon I kept thinking, "He knows. He knows." He knows the words our hearts and heads need to hear. He knows how we need to be encouraged and how we need to be soul-pricked. He knows the very situations we need to be reminded that our hope must always be in Him. And He's doing that in me and us in this season, and He gently reminded us of all of that yesterday.

So, Monday, here we go. We are welcoming you, with gratitude for what's just behind, and a whole lot of hope for what's ahead.

our weekend past | 2.15.16

Here we are at the beginning of another week. It's mid February, people. Did time speed up? I'm really thinking it must have.

J and I were watching old videos of AK last night before we crawled into bed and it solidified to me that time, has indeed, sped up. And you know that ache you get when you see pictures or watch videos of your kid when he/she was still a baby?? Gosh, that's real. I look at her then and I look at this, basically, 15 year old standing in front of me and I just can't believe it. It's so good, though, all these stages and seasons with her. Each one challenging us and changing us and giving us memories in its own unique way. Each one causing us to look at each other and say, "Wow. The Lord was really, really kind and good and loving to let us be her parents."

This weekend was one of those that was filled with those AK moments that quickly formed into memories. Like when she came in the kitchen and asked to help "dwry the dishes, too" and she did it like a champ. Or when she put on her ballet clothes and did her "cle-as" for us. Or the homemade valentines she made for J and me and taped up on the wall in spots she knew we would see them. Or how patient and helpful she was when we were house hunting and running errands all saturday afternoon. Or when we had sword-fights with empty 2-liter bottles, played board games, and snuggled under blankets and read books before bed with a flashlight. Or when she had a meltdown, one of those really awful ones, and we had to leave church right then; and, in those minutes, we were reminded that she is His before she is ours, entrusted to us for this season, and as much as we want to change her heart, we can't, and we desperately, and always, need His grace.

This parenting gig, you guys, it is beautiful and it is soul-wringing.


Our Valentines weekend was simple for us, just how we like it. 

How was y'all's weekend? Any new traditions made or favorite traditions kept? Any new recipes that desperately need to be shared? 

our long weekend

leisurely mornings and slow paced days. autumn walks and halloween baking. couch snuggles and library books. crisp temperatures and cozy sweaters. movies and football. a target "date" and take out thai. mugs of coffee and hot apple cider. long chats and belly laughs. refreshed hearts and peaceful minds. 

just a few pieces of this perfect long weekend. goodness, it was needed. J and I have reminded each other about this fact no less than 32 times a piece over the last few days followed with a happy grin and an "I'm so thankful." having one more paid work day doesn't hold a candle to the good the last three days has done for our little family. 

there's a much deeper level of "ahhhh" that we reach when there's at least one more day tacked on -- it feels like a mini vacation of sorts. it gives us more time to let our minds be easy and process through the days we've had and the days we have coming up. it gives us more time to settle in and have those long talks filled with future dreams and wonderings and sharing those "so I've been thinking lately" type thoughts with each other. 

 our little bit needs these bits of reprieve, too; these leisurely, slow paced, unstructured days. the three of us are just alike. at our core we are homebodies, dream-filled, everyday-adventure craving homebodies, but homebodies that are most refreshed in our little haven, just us three.

days like these are sweet to the core. not to be lightly skipped over, but rather to be cherished. not to be flittered away, but to be thoughtfully purposeful in all their lovely unplanned-ness. 

I'm so grateful for the pieces of grace that have filled this long weekend.