for all the encouragement........

"Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude."

~ A.A. Milne

to all my girls,

........for all the prayers. for all the truth spoken with tender grace. for the kindest words shared. for hugs given and tears shared. for heart talks on cozy couches. for understanding looks and sympathetic eyes. for spurring me on. for letting me sit at your dining room tables and stand in your kitchen for hours. for random phone calls and perfectly timed texts. for knocking on my door with my favorite coffee drink or a gallon of ice cream. for handwritten notes. for hearing me. for showing me what beauty really is. for unexpected packages filled with the best things. for sharing your recipes. for birthday celebrations and those for "just because." for loving my Little like she is your own. for letting my family become part of yours. for emails of house listings. for your examples of grace and wisdom. for walking the roads of mommyhood and marriage with me. for the unspoken words. for asking the hard questions. for being open. for letting me vent, but not letting me sit in sin. for your thoughtfulness. for letting me ask questions. for your creativity. for stories shared and countless fits of laughter. for eating sweets and drinking coffee. for teaching me. for discipling me. for saying "I'm here." for double dates and mommy's night out. for zoo trips and park dates. for living Proverbs 31. for your gentleness and your patience. for loving me. for being my friends. for being my sisters. and for showing me Jesus in every single part of it.

I love you, dear ones.