friday chats


Hello lovelies!

Oh, the happiness that is filling up my heart as I sit here writing to you all again! Truly, it feels as if I’m sitting down with an old friend for the best kind of catch up chat. My heart has craved being back in this space of mine, writing and learning and connecting with you all, and I am so grateful to get to say “hello” once again. The break was so needed and so restful and, honestly, I wondered if I would realize I didn’t miss my blog that much and didn’t have a desire to come back to it. Instead, though, I found myself more and more eager to return and, with my sweet husband’s encouragement, I write here again. It may not be as consistent here at first, but I trust and hope it will come as I figure out my new and needed balance. Day by day.

To be returning to blogging in my favorite month of all the year feels rather perfect, as well, and what better day to come back on than a FRIDAY! I love our friday chats and sharing with you all some favorite things and some everyday joys that have been filling up my days over the previous week or so.

Every morning when I come downstairs I light one of our fall candles and turn on some music to play softly in the background. One of my favorite and inexpensive little fall candles to keep stocked is this Heritage Pumpkin candle from Target. It may be small, but it’s mighty!

Friends, if you are like me and love to have fresh flowers in the house and you have a Traders Joe’s in your area, then you absolutely MUST get your fresh flowers there. They are always lovely, last so long, and are so well priced! Also, right now they have all the happy little mums and tiny pumpkins so you can fully pay homage to this season.

To say I am proud of my bestie would be quite the understatement. She, along with two of her good friends, founded the Dream Retreat and just ended their inaugural weekend of it last month. These 3 mamas all have precious littles who rock an extra chromosome and they have dreamed up this amazing weekend to be a time of rest, refreshment, and encouragement to families whose lives have been beautifully changed by Down Syndrome. It’s been INCREDIBLE to see the what has already happened and all that’s coming with this special retreat and I would love for you to go and meet my beautiful Liz friend on her blog and meet her darling boys, who I am so blessed to call my godsons. We have been forever changed by those little men and their incredible parents.

Speaking of that lovely friend of mine, she sent this craft mat to AK for her birthday last month and it is fabulous! It’s silicone so it cleans easily, it has little raised edges, and it’s a not-too-big-not-too-small size. With the colder months coming I would recommend ordering a couple of these for your kiddos for all those hours of play-dough and painting that you’re anticipating.

A new favorite show of ours, thanks to our sis and bro-in-law, is Somebody Feed Phil. It’s happy, it’s vibrant, it’s full of stunning places and mouth-watering food. You must watch it, friends. It’s too much fun not to.

Jas and I finished this book a few weeks ago and we give it a wholehearted endorsement. It was thought-provoking for both of us and such a good conversation starter with aspects we honestly hadn’t even thought about yet. Though there are things we already do and will do differently than his family chose to, we were spurred on by considering their example and seeking to implement principles and goals for our little family.

These henley tees are such a great staple for this season. They layer so well, are nice and comfy, and can be dressed up or dressed down which I love. I bought both the stripe pattern, of course, and the botanical green, which my J picked, and it’s perfect.

Okay, lovelies, tell me your thoughts! What are some of your everyday joys this week or something that’s a new favorite thing?? I so enjoy hearing these things from you all as it always brings new good things for me to discover or cook or read or listen to.

Have a grand October weekend and I’ll chat with you soon.