what's filling my headphones lately

A few months ago I was in a rut; a rut of setting up my iPad in the kitchen or on the bathroom counter or on the table and accompanying my task hours with yet another episode of whatever it was I was watching at that time. This was more than a Netflix binge or the occasional dinner-making-accompianment, my iPad had become another appendage. And, I'll tell you, all the "entertainment" I was getting did nothing towards any kind of "growth" that my heart or mind was in need of.  My loving husband, noticing this pattern in me, encouraged me to make a change. He gently had the iPad intervention. I could use this time to pray, to just be quiet, listen to music, and hey, try some podcasts.

And so was sparked my love of podcasts. This is one of those things that make me thankful for where our world is with technology. To have access to sermon after conversation after interview after personal testimonies like this is such a neat thing. To hear words that nuture my heart and feed it with truth. Words that challenge me and make me think about issues/subjects/questions and consider what I think, why I think that way, and what are the hills to die on. Words that bring wisdom and bring humor. Words that refresh, that help, and that spur me on. It's a treasure trove that I continue to discover more of.

Many of you have asked me to share the podcasts I listen to so here they are.

The numbered list holds the titles that I listen to on the regular. The other list holds the titles of ones I listen to fairly frequently, that I want to try, or that I go in and out of in listening to depending on the guest, the subjects, my mood, etc. ;) 

The Regulars:

1. Glorious in the Mundane Podcast with Christy Nockels

2. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

3. The Village Church - Culture Matters

4. The Village Church - Sermons

5. Ask Pastor John

6. Kenwood Baptist Church

A few more: Revive Our HeartsTimothy Keller SermonsWomen's HopeThe Gospel CoalitionRelevant PodcastThe Influence PodcastThat Sounds Fun with Annie F. DownsRead-Aloud RevivalSurviving Sarah.

Let me know your thoughts and/or if y'all listen to any of them! And send me any suggestions you think I should try, too. 

Have a great Tuesday, my friends!