morningtime musings

Good Morning and happiest of Mondays to you, dear friends.

I do hope that you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend and are facing the new week with vim, vigor, and a hot cup of coffee in hand! 

This weekend our first boxes were packed and we dove into purging/decluttering mode, which, for me, is a very happy place to be. It makes both J and me feel so much better to move without all the extras and the really-don't-needs

This moving process has been such a whirlwind jumble of unexpecteds, emotions, and plans we wouldn't have chosen for ourselves. Amidst all the jumble one voice has remained steady and constant ~ "I know the plans I have for you......" You guys know my favorite phrase to repeat to myself is He knows, and oh, how thankful I am that He does. Not one ounce of what has been an expected whirlwind for us has been a surprise to Him. He has sketched everyday of our lives and remained so faithful. He has cared for the details and lovingly provided all that we need. He has, and is continuing, to use this season to mold us, to show us more of our yuck, and to make us more like HIm. And if that is the greatest purpose of this whirlwind then that's worth every bit of it.

So my heart is encouraged and grateful this Monday morning. Grateful for His goodness, His steady truth to calm emotions, and His strength to sustain through less sleep and pulled muscles.

Into the new week we go, trash bags and boxes in hand, coffee on tap, and the greatest truths of all holding us fast. Nothing better, my friends. Absolutely nothing better.