odds and ends

Good Morning, lovelies.

Oh it feels so good to be back here with you all! It's that same warm, delicious feeling as cracking open the pages of a forever favorite book; cozy, welcoming, like settling into your sofa with a cup of a coffee and enjoying hours of conversation with a dear friend. My little hiatus was so good, though, and so needed -- to put something aside for a time, refresh and clear my mind, and just settle into this new year of 2016. Can you believe, by the way, that it is now February 8th? Wowzie, wowzers. 

Our January has been sweet, starting off slow, with beautiful celebrations and family time. We've had some busy days, some sick days, some snow days (eeekk!), and days settling into our new normal of 2016. Honestly, it's been the most rested and refreshed I've felt in January in several years and, for that, I am very grateful. 

But I am so happy to be spending time back here on my little space of the web. And today was the perfect morning to spend some time catching up with you all. A nice head cold has settled into my system, we didn't have anywhere to go, and we opened the blinds to see snow falling. No better way to begin a Monday and a week, I think.

A few odds and ends of us lately.......


....we are in the midst of house hunting and it's not quite as dreamy as I hoped it might be ;), but still very very exciting. 

.....we enjoyed some spring like days last week and it was such a cheerful little "hello!"

....AK's favorite words right now are "disappointing" and "distressing" and often not used properly, which I love.

....J's cousin and his wife moved here in January for school so we now have the two of them and our sis and her guy making up our little Kentucky family posse, and we are soaking up every bit of it.

....reading, reading, reading.

....always baking. and dreaming of a bigger kitchen. 

....we celebrated our 7th anniversary last weekend and it was perfect.

....AK wants to wear her tutu (in that top pic above) and a sleeveless white "fancy" shirt every single day, no matter the temp.

.....I've listened to some richly encouraging podcasts as of late which I shall share with you soon.

....have you all ever listened to JJ Heller? her tunes are playing non-stop in our home.

....we talk about moving to Waco every time we watch an episode of Fixer Upper. 

....I turned 28 last month and I'm quite excited about this year.

....this last week had some hard, hard days, but the learning is needed and God's grace so abundant.

....I'm doing some verrrrry basic "school" with AK and she thinks it's the coolest thing ever. 

....coffee is always flowing, life is really sweet, and God is faithful.

THANKFUL on this Monday for......friends who face trials with vigorous faith and joy. tissues, a lot of tissues. the memories our little apartment holds. journals. beautiful, chunky snowflakes. hot showers. and the things that are true. 

Happy Monday, friends! I hope it's the best kind of a day for you all.