what the media isn't going to share

So, most of you probably know that there were hundreds of pro-life rallies all across the United States this past Saturday. We were unable to go as J had already committed to running the Run for One Adoption 5k that same day, but it was so incredible to hear of the hundreds of people that came out just in our city, and to hear of the testimonies shared and the prayers prayed. 

That evening we were visiting with our friend, Rachel, about the media coverage of the rally. Not surprisingly, the media gave equal voice to the very few planned parenthood supporters who were out as it did to the words of those standing for life. It really shouldn't surprise us. You turn on the news and within one short minute you are hit with the fallenness and hopelessness of our world. The media either pushes the truth under the rug, and/or paints the truth as arrogant and narrow-minded. The one message that gives hope they don't give voice to. And it is so discouraging and heart wrenching to see that. 

But....but, but, but. The media isn't going to share the whole story.

I was reading Psalm 103 on Sunday morning and came to verse 6:

"The LORD works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed."

These oppressed lives, these babies that are being killed and having unspeakably awful things happen to their precious bodies, these babies will have justice worked out for them. God is sovereign over every single one of their conceptions and lives, and every single one of their deaths.

And that same God is working in these days. We don't know the number of hearts that have already been changed because of seeing the videos about planned parenthood. We don't know the number of minds that have been stirred because of seeing someone hold up a sign that said "choose life" this past Saturday. We don't know the number of women that won't walk into those abortion clinics because they are actually hearing truth for the first time. We don't know the number of babies whose lives will be saved and will be born because of all these events. These aren't things the media is going to cover. Some are things the media won't even know. But our God does, and He is working. He is using the testimonies of women who have had abortions themselves and now stand for choosing life. He is using the countless conversations that are being had because someone says, "so what do you think about all this planned parenthood stuff?" He is using the righteous anger that has been stirred inside so many of our hearts because we have been woken up to what is truly happening and realized that we have to stop being comfortable. 

I know it is so easy for me to see just a glimpse of the news and so easily crumple and be discouraged and anxious and concerned; but I have to remember in those times that the media isn't all-knowing, and they aren't the ones with the final say. Our God is working righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed and His truth will be realized in the end and glorified as the hopeful, grace-filled, joy-overflowing, singular truth that it is.

The media isn't going to share that, but we can. And they really need to hear it, too.