welcome, spring

Oh friends, I'm so very glad it's spring. There has been an especial eagerness in my heart for its arrival this year. It's fresh, it's new, it's bright....it's spring. I've been craving the refreshment of it and it has come. When we took a family walk a couple evenings ago I just soaked up that "ahhhh" feeling, the kind that accompanies deep breaths and quiet grins. I felt spring and it was such a gift. 

When a new season unveils its face to us, J and I like to spend some time making plans for that season. Some sweet friends of ours, Steve and Candice, were the first to inspire us to do this as a family and we are so glad we began this tradition. It has helped us to make sure we don't over commit and fill up a season without having time to just sit and savor it. It's encouraged our creativity, helped us to better pour into other people, helped us to grow in enjoying the little things that every season has to offer, and given us an overflow of treasured memories. 

This spring we are planning on enjoying such things as:

  • evening walks
  • a camping trip (Little can hardly contain her excitement)
  • some evenings spent with friends, old and new
  • the scents of in-season recipes being tried in our kitchen
  • a day date to our favorite storybook coffee shop and walking path
  • park visits and picnic lunches
  • family runs
  • strolling up to the library and picking up coffee and fresh pastries afterwards
  • springtime visitors
  • visits to the ice cream shop
  • planting herbs and a few pots of flowers
  • our first iced coffees of 2015
  • mornings spent at the zoo
  • a visit to our "local" family-owned farm
  • rearranging our apartment a bit and a bit of spring cleaning mixed in
  • evenings spent with our noses in books and fresh air blowing through the screen door
  • thunderstorms and splashing in puddles

When we sit and talk through our seasonal plans it puts in us even more of an anticipation of the weeks to come and a gratitude that we get to enjoy them. Our "planning" time becomes almost like a family word journal, where we pen our hopes for the spring days ahead and we say to each other, "let's soak every bit of it up."