christmas moments

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas Day? I do hope so. I hope it was a day full of moments that have now become treasured memories.

I've come to realize something as the last years have gone by, it's something J and I have talked about many times. It can be easy sometimes to slip into living for the next thing -- the next "big" occasion written down on our planners, those experiences and adventures that we think, "this fill in the blank is going to give us such incredible memories." And while that is completely true I think we can then often rush past the everyday experiences, the unexpected....or very expected......everday adventures that can fill up our memory box with some pretty incredible treasures themselves.

In realizing this I have dug my heels into the mindset that I want to treasure the everyday, the beautiful ordinary, the hard and hilarious, the trying and encouraging, the painful and wonderful. And this is a mindset I seek to carry with me into the holiday season. In the past I've entered some holidays with the highest expectations of how they were going to go -- all very magazine like, you know -- and when expectations weren't met I would often find myself pouting, as if I missed something. And, truly, I did miss something. I missed savoring the day as it unfolded. Realizing these things, letting go of expectations, has helped me to just live these days, to sit back and observe them, to grow in gratitude and say, "thanks, Lord, for all the pieces." 

And the moments of this Christmas Day were pretty perfect ones to savor: the smell of christmas morning coffee brewing. AK's little voice telling us "Merry Christmas" when she woke up. the leisurely-ness of the day. my hubby donning the santa hat. AK's expressions and exclamations as she opened her gifts and when she said, "I was always wanting one of dese!" when she opened her pink and purple "bacuum". face timing with our beautiful family throughout the day. seeing our nephews faces and having extra laughs at their cute Christmas stories. sitting across the table from my husband. staying in comfies all day long. beef bourguignon and crusty bread. knowing that our hope does not disappoint. heart chats and quiet thoughts. the faces of the two people I love most in the world. snuggling a contented Little into bed. finishing our day with blankets, madam secretary, and chocolate mousse. 

Simple moments. Quiet moments. Giggly moments. Emotional moments. Happy moments. So many grateful moments. Moments that won't ever leave my heart.